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Scarcity and Money ― How a Manifesting Money Mindset Works

Manifesting Money

manifesting money

One of the trends in today’s society is money manifestation, or creating mental energy that draws money in the outer world toward you.

A key component of manifesting money is realizing that money is not scarce, and you are not in competition with others for it.

There is more than enough to go around, and there is no reason to

Scarcity Mindset

When you get stuck on the mental treadmill of thinking there is not enough money to go around and you’ll never have enough, that will be your reality as well as your mindset.

You need to shift out of the scarcity mindset to have any chance of actually receiving money in an abundant way.

Our perceptions radically influence our internal state and our external state. Our internal state is how we perceive the world.

This means if you perceive anything in the world as being scarce, or money as being scarce, then you will feel it is scarce, even when it is flowing to you abundantly.

Your perception also influences your external state, because when you perceive money as being abundant, then you will start to recognize abundant money patterns in your life.

As you start to recognize these patterns created by your awareness, they will start to become more common in your life, meaning your internal mindset will now start to affect your physical external world.

The mind is very powerful and what you focus on will expand and get bigger in your life.

How to get out of a Scarcity Mindset and start Manifesting Money

Start by reading more about manifesting money by buying a few money mindset books to recalibrate the way you think.

You Are A Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero is one great book for women looking to uplevel their money mindset.

It teaches you ways to think about money and your life so that you attract more into it. The book is also written by a women in a way many women will understand and feel connected to, something many male-authored money books are currently lacking.

You can get it on Amazon as well as your local library if you’re looking to save before you get out of your scarcity mindset completely.

If everything you try seems to fail, one thing you can also do is hire a coach to help you break through your mindset.

A coach will often give you specific action items as well as thought and journal prompts to help you rewire your brain.

Whichever you choose, let us know in the comments below what you’re doing to get out of your scarcity mindset and into an abundant one, as well as what has worked for you.

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