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Get Paid To Walk | 7 Free Apps Pay You Cash, iPhones & More to Walk

Earn Money For Walking?

Get paid to walk

I know what you’re thinking. Would someone really pay me to walk?

Is this a dream job? Not quite as good as mattress tester or professional video game player, but professional walker does have a nice ring.

There are actually quite a few legitimate apps that do pay you to walk, and I’ve used several and received gift cards and free products.

You’ll likely not be able to become an actual professional walker where you earn enough money, gift cards and free product to be able to support yourself and your family.

However, I have to admit it’s quite fun every time you see your number of steps and points go up and you’re able to choose a free gift card or fun freebie.

Walking Apps For Money or Prizes

I’ve personally received free Puma purple and pink tennis shoes and several Amazon gift cards from walking apps and it’s a thrill to get your free package in the mail each time it comes.

You feel like an influencer for half a second, or what you imagine an influencer must feel like.

My Puma shoes were in the wrong size and I couldn’t return them, but hey, they were free, so who can complain.

You’ll likely be smarter than I was and order your free shoes, if you earn some from all your walking, in the correct size.

Keep reading to find out how you can start earning money by walking using one of the walking money apps.

Walking Money Apps

Here are the apps that pay you, in gift cards or free prizes, to walk:

  1. Lympo
  2. The Lympo app gives you actual Lympo Crypto currency in exchange for your steps and completing their challenges.

    It has an in-app wallet where it deposits the Crypto, and you can use it to buy products in the app’s shop.

    If you want to earn more points, all you have to do is complete more challenges or invite more friends to use the app using your special in-app link.

    The Lympo app is unique because the coins it gives you have value in the real-world even without exchanging them for a specific reward.

    It’s the type of fun app you might want to try, especially if you have been wanting to invest in Crypto without spending any of your own money, only your own steps that you’re taking everyday anyway.

  3. Sweatcoin
  4. I have Sweatcoin installed on my phone to track all of my daily steps and I love seeing my rewards balance increase and checking the app to see how many steps I’ve done each day.

    The walking for payment app syncs with your phone’s native health apps to more accurately track steps. It also uses GPS to track steps, and unfortunately only counts outdoor steps.

    You can redeem its points for cool rewards that are ever-changing in the app’s homepage interface.

    The highest level rewards are insanely cool and include $1,000 PayPal cash and a free iPhone, but beware, as it takes years to reach these prize levels, even if you’re maxing out steps every day and at the highest reward level.

    You can gain extra coins by inviting friends to use the app using your special link code.

    You can also login to the app daily and click to claim the bonus coin reward. You have to watch an ad to claim the bonus, but it can be worth it if you’re saving up for a specific prize and want more coins.

  5. Runtopia
  6. Runtopia is the walking app for money to download if you like to run, because it allows you to track your workouts and has an in-ear coach helping you along as you go.

    If you’re a runner you can also take advantage of its custom workout plans to get new workout ideas.

    You’ll also benefit from the in person events the app lists if you’re craving a sense of in-person community to connect you to other app users in the physical world.

    Runtopia lets you redeem your points for PayPal cash and other product rewards.

    Runtopia allows you to track your workouts, and it converts your steps into SPC coins that you can use to redeem for rewards.

  7. Achievement
  8. Achievement gives you points not only for walking, but also for completing other healthy activities on its checklist.

    For every 10K points you earn you get a $10 reward which you can redeem via PayPal cash, or donate to a charity if you’re feeling generous.

  9. Charity Miles
  10. The Charity Miles founder spoke at my Boston College Marketing class a few years back and promoted the app to our class.

    We all had to make a business marketing plan to help him figure out how to market the app and present it to the rest of the class.

    It was a fun exercise and it was clear through his presentation how much the founder believed in the app’s core mission.

    Charity Miles lets you open the app whenever you want to track your steps, and you receive points for how may steps you take while the app is running.

    Then once you have enough points you get to decide what charity on the Charity Miles list you want to donate cash to.

    Using the app is a great way to support charity and give back while getting exercise at the same time.

    If you’re going on a run or walk anyway, you can always open Charity Miles while you do so to do good while you workout at no cost to yourself.

  11. MapMyFitness
  12. MapMyFitness is a more complex earn money walking app.

    It only gives you rewards if you join a specific challenge and end up winning the challenge prize.

    Try using if you’re looking to try joining challenges to win prizes, but if that doesn’t interest you, feel free to pass and simply download one of the other apps that give you points for simply walking where it is easier to win prizes.

  13. Walgreens Balance Rewards
  14. If you shop at Walgreens, you should consider downloading the Walgreens Balance Rewards app.

    You can earn points simply by walking, running, biking and doing the other healthy activities they list on the app.

    You can redeem these points for coupons and rewards which can help you save money if you’re a frequent Walgreens shopper.

You can use these apps to get paid to walk. Which is your favorite?

Feel free to sound off in the comments and let us know what prizes you’ve already won.

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